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I always please when I heard or read new names in fashion buzz and news at different place. Pakistani fashion industry is grooming day by day and still there is a huge space for new dresses designers. The work and efforts of new designers really put the fashion industry on right success path but we cannot neglect the fashion giants who really gave boost to fashion industry of Pakistan. Nickie & Nina are one of them. The two incredible designers are working together since 2000 for Pakistani fashion. These two real sisters have a great success story. They are identified within the mainly prominent and well-known fashion designers that have all the time put on the admiration and positive response from the public. Nickie & Nina have specially in women outfits that comprise on casual wear, formal wear and bridal dresses. Let’s have a quick look to NickieNina Mughal Raj Dresses...! 

Traditional Mughal Bridal Dresses
Nickie and Nina starts working together after accessing their designing skills and launched a brand in 2000 with the name of "Nickie and Nina". The brand got immediate success and people like their designs. The brand has several outfits throughout the world like Karachi, Lahore and Dubai. Nickie and Nina's success story doesn't end here but they got extraordinary success and fame at international level. They present their designs in Lakme India Fashion Week, and for Saudi Arabia's royal family; and exhibited at multiple destinations and fashion capitals, including London, New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Houston and the United Arab Emirates. Today we have some cultural stuff by Nickie and Nina for you and hope you will like their work. 

NickieNina Mughal Raj Collection

Traditional Embroidered Bridal Dresses

Long Bridal Pishwas

Mughal Bridal long Shirt

Bridal long Choli & Lehenga

Traditional Bridal Shirt & Churi-Pajama
The NickieNina Mughal Raj Collection 2012-2013 has incredible cultural outfits which are being designed according to the Mughal's time designing technique. The Mughal dresses have beautiful thread embroidery and stone work which embellishing.

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